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Rare Surgery performed at CIIMS | Uterine Fibroid Embolization : Preserve Womanhood | Fallopian Tube Recanalisation : Cherish Womanhood | Brain stroke | Peripheral Vascular Disease
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Paralysis / Brain Attack Hemiplegia/ Hemiparesis Acute Intracerebral thrombosis Local Intra-arterial Thrombolysis within 3/6 hours
Headache With Bleeding Convulsions Unconsciousness Neuro deficit Sagittal sinus thrombosis Local intravenous sagittal sinus thrombolysis
Brain Haemorrhage Unconsciousness Neuto deficit A-V malformation, Aneurysm Coil Embolization or Glue injection
Blockage in Neck Vessel Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) Atherosclerosis Angioplasty and stenting
Blood Through Sputum Haemoptysis Tuberclosis/ Carcinoma Bronchial Artery Emobilization
Blockage of Kidney Vessel Hypertension Atherosclerosis, Aorto arterities Fibromuscular Dysplasia Angioplasty and stenting
Blood Vomitting / Blood in Stool Haematemesis Malaena Bleeding PR Ulcer, Tumor, NSAID Aneurysm, A-V-M Angiodysplasia Mesentric Artery Embolization
Vaginal Bleeding Menorrhagia Pressure Symptoms Uterine Fibroid PPH Pseudoaneurysm, Pelvic A-V-M, Post Operative Uterine artery Embolization
Blood in Urine Haematuria A-V malformation, Trauma, Tumor, latrogenic (Post TURP, renal biopsy) Endovascular Embolization
Pain in Leg on Walking Claudication, Ulcer, Gangrene Atherosclerosis, Arteritis Coactation of Aorta Angioplasty and stenting, Local thrombolysis in acute cases
Leg Swelling Edema feet, pain in chest, Breathlessness Hypercoagulable state, Trauma, Infection, Post Local intravenous thrombolysis and IVC filter placement
Portal Hypertension Haematemesis Malaena Cirrhosis TIPS (Trans Jugular intra hepatic Portosystemic shunt)
Obstructive Jaundice Jaundice/ Itching Biliary stricture/calculus PTBD/Stenting
Obstructive Uropathy Oligouria, Anuria Malaise, Anemia, Plain Calculus, Stricture Percutaneous Nephrostomy & D.J Stenting
Failure To Conceive Inability to conceive Corneal block Fallopian tube recanalisation (FTR)
Painful Back Pain in back, Tenderness Post menopausal, Old age, Immunosuppresion, Haemangioma Vertebroplasty-Percutaneous transpedicular bone cement injection

Drop in Platelets Bleeding Hyperspleenism Partial spleenic embolization
Giddiness Vertigo Stenosis at vertebral or basilar artery Vertebro-basilar stenting
Absent pulse at wrist Syncope Subclavian steal syndrome (Subclavian artery stenosis) Subclavian artery stenting
Pulsatile supraclavicular swelling Swelling, Ischemic pain Traumatic / latrogenic Subclavian stent graft
Blood Vessel tumour Disfigurement Bleeding Pain Epistaxis A-V-F, Nasopharyngioma A-V-M, Hemangioma, Vascular tumors Embolization – Percutaneous/ endovascular
Cyanosis Breathlesness Polycythemia Hemoptysis Pulmonary A-V-M, Aneurysm, A-V-F Pulmonary artery coil Embolization
Pulsatile abdominal/Throracic mass Pain Thoracic aortic aneurysm Abdominal aortic aneurysm Middle aortic syndrome Stent graft/Stent
Pain after meal Server pain/post prandial abdominal pain Mesentric artery stenosis/ Embolic acute mesentric occlusion Mesentric artery angioplasty / Local intra arterial thrombolysis
Male infertility/Pelvic congestion syndrome Pain / Menorrhagia Spermatic / Ovarian varicocities Coil Embolization
Benign Hypertrophy of prostate Difficulty in micturrition/Retention Benign prostatic hyperplasia Embolization of prostatic vessels
Low blood sugar Syncope Insulinoma Pancreatic artery Embolization
Cancer Cachexia Hepatoma / Secondaries in liver / ca Breast Chemo-Embolization
Acute limb ischemia Acute pain in extremity Absent pulsations Thrombo-Emobolism Local intra-arterial thrombolysis
Lower motor weakness Acute neuro deficit Spinal A-V-M/A-V-F Hemangioma of vertebral body Embolization
Bowel and Ureteric stricture Constipation/ Obstructive uropathy Inflammatory/ Neoplasia Dilatation and stenting
Narrowing of wind pipe Difficulty in breathing (Stridor) Extrinsic compression Tumor encasement / Tracheomalacia Tracheal stenting