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Ischemic Stroke Hemiplegia /Hemiparesis/Coma Acute ICA / MCA /Basilar Artery Stent Retriever /Suction Thrombectomy
Carotid Artery Stenosis Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) Atherosclerosis – HT, DM, Dyslipidemia Angioplasty and stenting with protection device
Vertebro-basilarInsufficiency (VBI) Vertigo,Gait disturbance Stenosis at vertebral or basilar artery Vertebro-basilar stenting
Hemorrhagic Stroke a. Subarachnoid Haemorrhage b. ICH Headache, Unconsciousness, Neuro deficit Aneurysm, A-V malformation Coil Embolization or Flow diverted glue / Onyx Embolization
Venous infarct Convulsions, Unconsciousness, Neuro deficit / Coma Sagittal Sinus Thrombosis Local sagittal sinus thrombolysis
Absent Radial Syncope, Pain in forearm / hand Subclavian steal syndrome (Subclavian artery stenosis) Subclavian artery stenting
Acute limb ischemia Acute pain in extremity, Absent pulsations / gangrene Thrombo-Embolism Local intra-arterial thrombolysis
Pulsatile Supraclavicular swelling Swelling, Ischemic Pain Traumatic / Iatrogenic Subclavian stent graft
Renal Artery Stenosis Hypertension Artherosclerosis, Aorto arteritis, Fibromuscular Dysplasia Angioplasty and Stenting
Abdominal Pain (Normal investigations) Severe pain / post prandial abdominal pain Mesentric artery stenosis / Embolic acute mesenteric occlusion Mesentric artery angioplasty/local intraarterial thrombolysis
Peripheral Vascular Disease Claudication, Ulcer, Gangrene Artherosclerosis, Arteritis, Coarctation of Aorta Angioplasty and stenting, Local thrombolysis in acute cases
Pulsatile abdominal / thoracic mass Aortic Dissection Pain in Back and leg / Bleeding Thoracic aortic aneurysm, Abdominal aortic aneurysm, Middle aortic syndrome Stent graft / Stent TEVAR/EVAR
Swelling over head, neck, face and extremities Disfigurement, Bleeding, Pain, Epistasis A-V-F, Nasopharyngioma, A-V-M, Hemangioma, Vascular tumors Embolization-Percutaneous endovascular
Cyanosis Breathlesness, Polycythemia, Hemoptysis Pulmonary A-V-M, Aneurysm, A-V-F Pulmonary artery coil Embolization
Bronchial artery to pulmonary artery fistulae Haemoptysis Tuberculosis / Carcinoma Bronchial Artery Embolization
GI Bleeding Haematemesis, Malaena, Bleeding PR Ulcer, Tumor, NSAID, Aneurysm, A-V-M Angiodysplasia Mesentric Artery Embolization

Unable to reduce weight Obesity Food habits and Sedentary Lifestyle Left Gastric Artery Embolization
Urinary Bleeding Haematuria / painful or painless A-V malformation, Trauma, Tumor, Iatrogenic (Post TURP, Renal biopsy) Endovascular Embolization
Bleeding PV Menorrhagia, Pressure symptoms Uterine fibroid / PPH Pseudoaneurysm, Pelvic A-V-M, Post-Operative Uterine artery Embolization
Portal Hypertension Haematemesis, Malaena Cirrhosis TIPS (Trans Jugular Intra Hepatic Portosystemic Shunt)
Thrombocytopenia Bleeding Hyperspleenism Partial spleenic embolization
Male Infertility / Pelvic congestion syndrome Pain / Menorrhagia Spermatic Varicocele / Ovarian varicosities Coil Embolization
Benign Hypertrophy of prostate Difficulty in micturition / Retention Benign Prostate hyperplasia Embolization of prostatic vessels
Maligancy Cachexia HCC / Secondaries in liver Chemo-Embolization
Hypoglycemia Syncope Insulinoma Pancreatic artery Embolization
Lower motor weakness Acute neuro deficit Spinal A-V-M / A-V-F, Hemangioma of vertebral body Embolization
DVT with/without Pulmonary Embolism Leg Swelling , Pain in Chest, Breathlessness Hypercoagulable state, Trauma, Infection, Post-operative Local thrombolysis and IVC filter placement
Obstructive Jaundice Jaundice / Itching Biliary stricture / Maligancy PTBD / Stenting
Obstructive Uropathy Oligouria, Anuria, Malaise, Anemia, Pain Calculus, Stricture Percutaneous Nephrostomy & D-J Stenting
Bowel and Ureteric stricture Constipation / Obstructive uropathy Inflammatory / Neoplasia Dilatation and stenting
Female Infertility Inability to conceive Corneal Block Fallopian Tube Recanalization (FTR)
Osteoporosis of Vertebral Body Pain in back, Tenderness Post-menopausal, Old age, Immunosuppression, Haemangioma Vertebroplasty- Percutaneous transpedicular bone cement injection / Kyphoplasty
Tracheal Stenosis Difficulty in breathing (Stridor) Extrinsic compression Tumor encasement / Tracheomalacia Tracheal Stenting